Here’s the dude who has put Nigeria on the map once again for comical reasons this time.
Why in the world anyone would want 86 wives beats me hollow.

But then again he may have been performing a ‘public service’.
Why didnt the 84th wife for instance, say no when he asked?
Does he even ask?

Apparently, despite being in prison the guy is still running the show from his prison cell

Family sources told Vanguard yesterday at his Masaba Quarters residence that the man who is currently in detention over his refusal to divorce any of his 86 wives still controls the happenings in his home from prison.

According to a family member who spoke with Vanguard on condition of anonymity, “Baba runs this family from where he is on the telephone.

“It is a pity that you have arrived at a time that all those with his express permission to call him are currently on their way to meet with him at the Minna Prisons.


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