The beginning perhaps……

I have been meaning to do this like forever.
With all humility, I have been told by people I respect to try my hand at writing columns or something of the sort.

Any way I am trying to see if I can build some consistency to my writing.
There’s plenty of interesting stuff going on in the world any way so I am hoping it wont be too hard to generate content.

I’ll be focusing mainly on Nigeria, the United States and of course my own backyard, London.
I’ll try to make my posts as diverse as possible so there will be politics, football and maybe I’ll even let you in on my wedding plans 🙂

My political views? Sometimes I myself find it very hard to answer that question.
But in all honesty I am probably left of centre or is it centre left….I’m never quite sure.

I am very Christian and proudly Nigerian…….there you were thinking it was impossible to be Nigerian and Christian at the same time!

I’ll let you figure out the rest as we go along.

Welcome aboard.


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