The Future’s Anything But Orange

I have really suffered at the hands of Orange.
Surely they must be the worst mobile phone provider in the UK, no?…..the last 18 months have been a nightmare with them and I cant wait for November to be rid of them.
Anyway I am thinking of moving back to T-mobile 3 years after leaving them.

More to the point I have been really impressed by the G1 and since they are the only ones currently offering it….
I’ll do my best never to sign an 18month contract again though..even if it means paying more monthly or paying for the phone even.
None of these phones on offer now is really designed to last for 18 months so I dont really see the point.

Anyway if you have any horror stories about T-mobile do let me know before I take the plunge with them.
I guess they are all the same arent they?


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