Potato Wedge Politics

As long as valuable airtime is spent discussing nonsense like this, then John McCain’s objective is at least being partly achieved.
In this time like no other, Senator McCain wants Americans to talk about guilt by association….classic Bob’s your uncle as opposed to Robert being your dad’s brother.

What has perhaps surprised me the most is how badly John McCain wants to win the Presidency.
I suppose to even deign to run for President you have to believe that you are such a great man to the point where no one else will do for the job……it’s not a task for humble people by any means.

28 days to go and it’s getting pretty ugly…..and the McCain campaign knows exactly what it’s doing.
They will seek to drive a massive wedge between Americans…it worked in 2000 and especially 2004.

I think this will be the biggest test of Obama’s nerve and temperament…….it’s not easy running against someone who is willing to fight like he has nothing to lose.


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