Storm in a teacup?

OK so I got the new BlackBerry Storm over the past weekend.

It’s a powerful phone no doubt….when you hold it, you get the feeling you are holding something really exciting indeed.

You gotta hand it to Apple for creating a product that a] caught everyone by surprise and b] has left everyone scampering trying to imitate.

This is a latest in a short line of so called iPhone killers [many of them dead on arrival].

The biggest irritation I have found so far with the Storm is the accelerometer. It is currently driving me to distraction and if I am to return the phone, it would be because of this problem.

Basically the accelerometer is the device inside the phone that enables the screen to turn depending on the phone’s orientation i.e switching the screen to landscape when you turn the phone on it’s side.

If you have used the iPhone or the iPod touch you’ll have noticed how sharp and crisp Apple’s accelerometer is.
The problem here is that no one seems to have been able to successfully imitate Apple’s version and the one on the Blackberry Storm is particularly poor.
You have to wait for like 20 seconds sometimes before the screen responds when you turn it and sometimes it just turns when it feels like it.

This wont been a big problem if RIM didnt put 2 different types of keyboards on the Storm.
When you hold the phone in the portrait position it gives you a keyboard known as Suretype.
But if you prefer a full QWERTY keyboard like I do, you need to turn the phone to landscape position.

I have also been experiencing some funny behaviour on the phone like the screen refusing to unlock sometimes or just pretending like you didnt press it.
But trust me the accelerometer business is extremely irritating and I am guessing that Vodafone will have a lot of people complaining about the phone because of this problem.

It’s not easy imitating someone else and I am not a fan of Apple per se…. am really wishing someone would stand up to them.
But it looks like BlackBerry have released a rushed job here with the Storm.

I will be making updates to this post….if I manage to keep the phone.
I have 14 days to return it and I have used up 4 days already……..

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