If like me you saw the documentary ‘Right to Die’ on Sky last week, what did you think about it?

First things; I dont imagine it can ever be an easy decision for someone to decide to end their own life.
Especially in the case of a debilitating disease, the sheer hopelesness of such a situation can perhaps be overwhelming.

Now, I’m a christian and as such my views on the concept of assisted suicide is formed by my faith.
I generally disapporove of it. 
But I think one of the biggest mistakes Christians can make is to try to impose their beliefs or way of life on non-christians and then act surprised when it is rejected out of hand.

For example, as a christian you believe that no disease is beyond God’s healing power.
But tell that to a non-christian suffering from motor neurone disease and you might as well be talking to yourself.

So if someone has reached the point where they feel the only solution to whatever situation they find themselves is to end their own life, then that is not something to be taken lightly.

My problem with the whole idea is an organisation providing assisted suicide as a ‘service’ for a fee.

Dignitas are supposedly a charity i.e the £3000+ they charge is meant to cover costs and in no way to make a profit.
I am not going to question their candour here but I will point out that they have never agreed to open their books to the public.

While watching the Right to Die documentary, I couldnt get away from the feeling that the whole setup i.e the ‘clinic’ and the ‘nurses’ just looked kinda unnerving.
One of the ‘nurses’ or ‘doctors’ smoked a joint before administering the fatal drug overdose on Craig Ewert.
The room where the suicide was carried out also looked like a really cheap motel and the other ‘nurse/doctor’ also had an earring on.

Hey, looks can be deceiving I know but if you were ill and about to undergo make or break surgery, you wouldnt want any of those guys to touch you…I can tell you that for free.

My unease is with the idea of an organisation functioning solely to assist people in ending their lives no matter how much said people want it.

To be able to hop on a plane, sign some forms, do some interviews and pay some money for some people to help you kill yourself is really worrying.

In the documentary, there was on old lady who was planning her death as soon as her husband died.
She wasnt ill but her reason was that she couldnt bear to live once her husband had died.
I fear that she would be able to pay the guys at Dignitas to grant her her wish.

I am interested in hearign what you guys think about Euthanasia… comments will be very much appreciated.