Those Who Should Know Better….

There are several things that have gone wrong with Nigeria. Indeed several things make you almost lose hope completely in the country.

But nothing scares me more than when I see otherwise intelligent men who should know better, attempting to fool all Nigerians at the same time.
Every country ought to have certain people on whom it can rely to be straightforward and honest about the challenges facing that country.

Even if such people do not have solutions to the problems, they will at least provide a honest assesment of the state of affairs. 

But when the so called elite and elected rulers of a nation deliberately choose to mislead the people and carry on as if they no longer know the minimum standards are…then one ought to fear indeed.

So here’s a short list of some of the people who have baffled me lately with the sheer silliness of their reasoning.

“Four years is usually enough for you to determine the problems, to lay the plans, the structure and the strategy for the achievement, which includes financial planning, that is budgeting, but for implementation to be concluded and for effects to begin to be realized, of course, you need a second term, which is why the founding fathers provided two terms”

The above statement was credited to Dr Saraki after the recent meeting of the Governors Forum.
Dr Saraki knows that what he is saying is patently untrue but he went ahead and gave the interview anyway.
If it takes 4 years to determine the problems and lay the plan, what then is a campaign for?
Did President Yar’Adua not have any plan in place before seeking election?
Is he telling us that every election is a punt, where we just elect someone into office and hope for the best?
No, one of the reasons why the founding fathers [whoever he may be referring to with that term] provided the possiblity of terms of 4 years each, is to give us the opportunity to get rid of non-performing executives before they do more damage.

Dr Saraki knows that President Yar’Adua has been a shocking dissapointment so far to the majority of Nigerians especially because of his utter lack of urgency in dealing with the pressing problems facing the country. 
Here’s a Governor who is in possesion of a 1st class education yet has chosen to act like a complete native.
But I am not surprised….he appears to have learnt well from his father… Dr Olusola Saraki [or Abubakar Saraki whenever he happened to be campaigning in Northern Nigeria].
Dr Sola Saraki is/was the master of rankadede politics….always giving the people of Kwara fish…never once teaching them how to fish.

President Yar’Adua’s term is not even 2 years yet and the cry over a second term is getting louder by the day.
The chutzpah of the man beggars belief.
Effectively, the Nigerian govt is going to shut down for the next 2 years while all the President’s energy [or what’s left of it] is spent on political horse trading for the 2011 elections.

Vincent Ogbulafor

“PDP will rule Nigeria, whether they like it or not for not less than 60 years.”

My Lord and my God….You sit in the heavens and preside over the affairs of men….you created time but you are not bound by it……Hear them when they say these things……when they boast that the lives of generations yet unborn of Nigerians will be in their hands.
Hear Vincent Ogbulafor when he makes these remarks as if he knows tomorrow.

Nigeria’s democracy will be 10 years old next month and it is now clear that the PDP is now perhaps the biggest threat to our fledgling democracy.
They have now reached the point where all they care about is perpetuating themselves in power…..actual governance can come much later.

Vincent Ogbulafor knows that even in America, the longest continuos period of rule by a single party was 28 years by the Democractic party from 1801 – 1829.
How can it be democractic for one party to rule continously for 60 years?

Tellingly, Mr Ogbulafor, who makes Tom Ikimi look like a man of few words, informs us that this coming PDP dominance will happen whether we like it or not….which tells you everything you need to know about how they plan to ‘win’ elections in the future.

You know you are in trouble when a man like Mr Ogbulafor is the chairman of the ruling party.

“But I know that Yar’Adua’s capacity to deliver is there and by the end of this year, I am sure Nigerians will soon smile. 

“Unknown to them, he’s been doing a lot of work. But he is not a media person and does not conduct governance in the media”

I cannot for the life of me understand why a President [who wants a second term] will be doing his ‘work’ in secret?
Whatever is the point? Is he planning a surprise party for Nigerians?

Governor Ibrahim Shema knows better. 
He knows that Nigerians have genuine reasons to be frustrated with President Yar’Adua but he chooses to spin it that the President is working but only at night when Nigerians have gone to sleep.
He went on to say that Yar’Adua is not slow…he’s just being ‘tactical’.

Governor Shema wants NIgerians to get used to a slower pace of government…as we are in too much of a hurry.
This is rather interesting because only 2 months ago President Yar’Adua himself promised 
to do away with the slow pace of his government…..Governor Shema obviously didnt get the memo.

Inspector Patrick Nnadi

“According to Nnadi, the policeman intended to stop him and aimed at Awosika’s tyre but the bullet missed and hit him on the head, saying “there is no doubt that Awosika was shot, I agreed with the autopsy report.”

This is breathtaking coming from a senior police officer. 
How exactly do you aim at the tyre of a car and somehow the bullet misses the tyre and hits the driver square in the forehead?
Yet this is what Inspector Nnadi told a court investigating the killing of Modebayo Awosika late last year….presumably with a straight face.

Inspector Nnadi is also asking us to believe that he knows that the policeman who fired the shot is on the run and his whereabouts are unknown AND he does not know the name of the policeman.

Pause for breath and take that in….we dont know the name of the policeman but we know he is on the run.

In 1978, Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti was thrown from the window on the second floor of a building in the then Kalakuta Republic by ‘unknown soldiers’. 
31 years later, the only difference is that the soldiers have changed to policemen..regardless, they remain ‘unknown’.
In 2009, a policeman who was posted along with other policemen to a checkpoint, with a police gun and presumably a police car is somehow unknown.
Nobody knows the police man who is now alleged to have shot and killed Modebayo Awosika on his way home?

Surely, Inspector Nnadi knows better?

May God deliver Nigeria from these men and women who know what is right but refuse to do it and pretend not to know any better.