It’s 30 for a reason….

Here’s something a lot of people dont know about speed cameras; before a camera can be installed anywhere, there must have been a minimum of 8 accidents within half a mile either side of the camera in the 3 years before the camera is installed. Got that?

Of the 8 accidents, there must also have been a minimum of 4 fatalities.

Everytime you see a speed camera, you are looking at a memorial to those who have died around that area. It’s rather grim. 

Believe it or not, speed cameras are not a money making venture for the government. The easiest way to make money from speed cameras would be to put them on the motorway where EVERYBODY breaks the speed limit….they’d be smiling all the way to the bank.

When you are approaching any speed camera, there are several warning signs on the road. The cameras are also placed as conspicously as possible…they cant be hidden to trap motorists.

Bone doctors say all it takes is a collision at 8mph for a bone to break. You dont need to be a bone doctor to have an idea of what might happen in a collision at 20mph.

There’s also the oft quoted stat…if you hit someone at 30mph, there’s an 80% chance the person would live. Hit someone at 40mph however and there’s an 80% chance they would die.

In a society where the law works, hitting a pedestrian while over the speed limit is enough to damage a career and family.

I was fortunate enough recently to be given the option of a speed awareness course as punishment for driving 9mph above the speed limit and subsequently being caught by a speed camera.

I came away from the course sufficiently chastened and appreciative of a society where things work.

I am also convinced beyond a reasonable doubt now that speed cameras and all driving laws in this country are designed to make the roads as safe as possible and to preserve human life.

And it does work…I know a 91 year old chap who drives his car himself every day. I am not sure there are many other countries in the world where old boys can drive around safely without dying from aggravation even.

Every time I think of Nigeria, I am convinced that social policies are as important [if not more important] as economic policies. What is the point in passing a law to stop someone who makes a living from breaking the law?

How do you declare the bribing of government officials illegal when for a lot of people that is the only way to get things done?

There has to be a compelling incentive for people to do things the right way and a strong enough deterrent when the laws are flouted.

Everyday I spend in this country, I try to understand how a society that works has been built….how the people have become sophisiticated enough to know to keep on the right side of the law without being prompted or chased by gun toting soldiers.

There’s a lot to learn and to understand…both good and bad.

Back to speed cameras; like a lot of people I ‘suffer’ from a heavy foot on the accelerator. But I have decided that, God helping me, I will make the conscious effort to chill out everytime I am behind the wheel…..with the understanding that the speed limit is indeed a limit and not a target.

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