Exclusive: Interview With Passenger X on Flight VS652

On Monday November 2nd, a Virgin Atlantic flight from Lagos to London had to stopover in Lome, Togo for refuelling. 

Needless to say, things didnt quite go according to plan.

I managed to secure a snap interview with one of the passengers on that historic flight.

As funny as it may seem, it’s all very true.

Naturally I have withheld the passenger’s name 🙂


FF: Where did you buy your ticket from?

X: Same agent I always buy my tickets from in Lagos

FF:Was it an original ticket?

X: Yes 

FF:What time did you leave your house in Lekki for the airport?

X: 5am

FF: Did you pray before you left the house? Did you offend anyone on the way to the airport?

X: Yes I prayed and it was too early to offend anyone

FF: Did you see the Virgin Atlantic logo on the plane as you were boarding?

X: Yes

FF: So at the airport you were told that there was no aviation fuel in Nigeria and they had to go and refuel in Ghana?

X: Yes. I was quite surprised but they said it would only take an hour

FF: And then later they told you you were going to Lome instead?

X: Correct

FF:What’s the airport in Lome like? Did you guys get off the plane while it was refuelling?

X: We didnt get off the plane. The runway was sooo small with a lot of potholes. A lot

FF: So the guys at the airport in Lome refused to take a bank transfer from Virgin Atlantic and insisted on cash payments for the fuel?

X: Yep

FF: How did the VA staff ask for cash from the passengers?

X: Actually they did it with a lot of discretion….we only got to know that some people contributed cash when they upgraded them to upper class.

FF: So how come the people who had cash on them were sitting in economy? The people in 1st class nko? They didnt have money?

X: Me I dont know o…

FF: What currency were they willing to accept in Lome?

X: They insisted on Euros and Euros only

FF: So how did they work out the exchange rate to CFAs?

X: They had absolutely no clue…..they did it manually.

FF:In total how long were you in Lome for the refueling?

X: 5 and a half hours!

FF: Did they give you food while you waited?

X: Nope….they gave us water, juice and wine gums….in that order

FF: Were the VA staff apologetic or ‘sendless’?

X: They were very apologetic truth be told.

FF: What time did you arrive in London finally?

X: 10.17pm

FF: Apart from your return journey, will you be flying with Virgin Atlantic again?

X: Never!

UPDATE: The flight actually stopped to refuel in Cotonou and not Lome as I stated above. Apologies for this…the error was mine.

I thought Passenger X  ‘misspoke’ but it turns out I ‘misheard’ 🙂



FF…. All Rights Reserved


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