Beer Parlour 2: Chief Ojo Maduekwe in The House!

It’s worth restating: One of the aims of Beer Parlour Activism is to fight ignorance and misinformation among Nigerians. A BPA should normally have more knowledge to share than the average man on the street

Nigeria’s immediate past Minister for Foreign Affairs, Chief Ojo Maduekwe has agreed to take questions from the Beer Parlour Activists. 

Again, we are looking for information and insight into how government works in Nigeria….the method to our madness if you like.

As someone who has been a 3 time minister in Nigeria since the return of democracy [Tourism & Culture 1999 – 2001, Transport: 2001 -2007, Foreign Affairs: 2007 -2010 and PDP National Secretary] Chief Ojo is very well qualified to take and answer our questions.

The ground rules are simple

1. No personal questions or insults [ I understand Chief Maduekwe is very ‘popular’ with young Nigerians on the internet :-)]

2. Let the questions be as technical as possible i.e seek to unravel how government works at the highest level in Nigeria.

3. No need for long greetings or prayers. Straight to the point

4. Send your questions to . The deadline for submitting questions is 9pm on Monday 17th May 2010.

5. Please feel free to send in more than one question. However, a team of 3 Barmen [Editors] will make the final selection of questions based on the criteria above. 

Please use your imagination and objectivity when sending your questions. Remember that as a BPA you are speaking on behalf of millions of Nigerians who cannot read, write, have no telephones, have no education and have no access to the internet or any means by which to speak to their representatives in government

To truly shame the likes of IBB who claim we cant govern our own country, we must first arm ourselves with information.

Finally it’s important to publicly thank Mrs Obiageli ‘Oby’ Ezekwesili for blazing the trail in this series. Her example is partly what has made this, and hopefully many more to come, possible. [If you still want a copy of the Q&A with Mrs Ezekwesili, just send an email to with ‘Oby’ as the subject and we will reply with a copy]

God bless The Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Beer Parlour Activists for Nigeria [Peppersoup Included]

P.S If you are new to this and you are wondering this is all about, you can read the BPA charter here


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