Introducing Kasuwa – Help Needed


I am currently working on a new web based business. We are now in ‘stealth mode’ (never mind what that jargon means), so this means I cant share details of what exactly we are trying to build until we are closer to launch. Please bear with me.

I need your help to complete a quick 30 second survey to help us better design the product/service we will be offering when this rolls out fully.

The plan is to build something safe, secure and simple to use. We are not reinventing any wheels, just doing something that has always been done in a slightly different way.


We are looking for the following kinds of people

  • Africans ANYWHERE in the world (not just Nigerians)
  • Talented people – if you know anyone that you think is talented at something/anything please pass this on to them. They might just be talented at writing excellently in Yoruba for example. We want them.
  • Small business owners – People running a business especially providing services
  • Generally young people who have finished from school but cant find a steady job due to the state of the economy.

To make it worth your while we’ve got 4 prizes of £50/$75 to give away on the following dates

  • 1st July 2011
  • 22nd July 2011
  • 12th August 2011
  • 2nd September 2011

The prizes will be given out in various formats including MTN phone credit (if the winner is from Nigeria), iTunes card, cash sent to you directly if you or any other way you want to receive your prize. If the winner(s) is based in the UK, they will get a copy of Lola Shoneyin’s ‘The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives‘ thrown in for good measure as well.

Please click on either of the two links below to complete the survey

The websites have been optimised for mobile browsing so they should work perfectly on your phone.

At the end of the survey please follow us on Twitter and ‘like’ us on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our blog as we will be using all these outlets to communicate information as we make progress on the work we are doing.

Can I also say that your email address will be treated absolutely confidentially and will not be used for any marketing or spam emails at all if you choose to give it to use.


If you encounter any problems whatsoever with using the website, please leave a comment on our blog.


Thank you for reading throught this and please do share with as many people as you can.



Slightly Unneccesary DisclaimerThis is a 100% private business. Nothing to do with social activism or government in any way, shape or form. You most probably know me as the guy always ranting about government on Facebook or twitter, so perhaps it is useful to point that out :). Please ignore this disclaimer if you find it unneccesary.



5 thoughts on “Introducing Kasuwa – Help Needed

  1. To think I just made a mental note of getting Lola Shoneyin’s ‘The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives’ this week. I guess i will wait and find out if I am indeed lucky. Good work FF.

  2. Hehe…I am tempted to rig it in your favour but perish the thought 🙂

    Thanks for reading though and taking the survey..much obliged.

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