The Mystery Of The Disappearing Blog Post

I have deleted the blog post I put up about my encounter with the Agric Minister here in London.

It was bad form for me not to at least have told him I was going to write about our meeting. He might have said some more things and he might not have said some things, but I should at least have told him.

So out of respect to him, I have taken the post down. It was my most enjoyable encounter with any Nigerian government official so it’s a shame to have to do this.

I am not a journalist so I sometimes forget that I should tell people that I have a public blog.

I hope I can get to put it back up because I think it’s important to have this kind of information out there to at least counter some of the ignorance we all suffer from every so often.



P.S If you have a cached copy of the post somewhere, please dont re-post it. I have not been asked to take down the post, it’s something I decided to do as I didnt think it was cool appearing like some sneaky ambush journalist. So be nice, keep it to yourself.


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