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I’ve written something I’d like you to read.

It’s a book review for a book I’d also like you to read so maybe this post should be titled 3 Clicks.

It’s over here at The Scoop

Merci Beaucoup



3 thoughts on “2 Clicks

  1. Hmmm. . . I should probably read the book, but not sure I understand from your article the differences in implementation which led to the markedly different results.

    Despite its remarkable sucess, korea is riddled with corruption up to now, how was it able to carry out its reform programme successfully without any loopholes ?

  2. Errr. Also, in Taiwan and Korea, the wikipedia articles on land refrorm there suggests many of the lands belonged to the Japanese, so much easier to distribute I guess.

    1. Definitely helps that the people that the land was being taken from were ‘foreigners’. But it was only some of the story.
      In Korea, quite a few of the legislators who passed the land reform bill were themselves land owners and they lost out. I believe the govt also paid compensation (albeit nothing anywhere generous) to all those who lost land.
      But most importantly, Japan was the first to do land reform anyway and there were no foreigners to take the land from there.

      Saying Korea is riddled with corruption is rather harsh. It’s a solid democracy for one and if they are riddled with the thing, what shall we say about China before even mentioning Nigeria?

      The book is just over 200 pages. Wont take more than a few hours to get through.

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