Ongoing Konkere Wars – An Update

Quick post.

As you know, this blog has decided to provide rolling coverage, at no charge to readers, of the ongoing drama around cement in Nigeria. I do this purely out of the Christianity (or what’s left of it) in my heart, so you don’t need to thank me for it.

If you are not up to speed – Part 1 of the War began with the mysterious ‘glut’ in the market. Hostilities were soon renewed by the belligerents after a brief period of peace, this time over ‘standards’. While battle raged, I decided to take a look at the numbers for cement production in Nigeria. They were so alarming that I was compelled to exercise my right as a citizen of the Federal Republic, guaranteed under the constitution, to write an open letter to any minister of my choice. Then a really smart reader sent me more information that added context to my letter and increased our understanding of the Nigerian cement ‘market’.

Again, as you may have guessed, I have my ‘sauces’ embedded everywhere inside the Federal Government of Nigeria and its agencies and one of them has very kindly sent me a presentation by the President of COREN [Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria] to stakeholders in the construction industry, put together by SON.

[Sidebar: Yo SSS, if you are reading, I was only joking about having people embedded. I don’t want anyone delaying me in the hot airport when next I am in Nigeria. Thank you kindly]

Forgive the style of the presentation, but it contains plenty of useful information that improves the quality of the debate currently going on over cement standards. If both sides are now fighting each other with facts and empirical evidence, then that is a much better thing than the dodgy stats that have been deployed before now.

The presentation is below. Here’s hoping that facts and logic win at the end of the day and Nigerian consumers get a better deal out of the market. Read to the end.





P.S Message to SON: Audite et alteram partem


3 thoughts on “Ongoing Konkere Wars – An Update

  1. I can’t view the report now (thanks to my company’s internet restriction policy on wordpress sites till after work), but i expect to be thoroughly educated. Thanks to your chronicle of happenings, I have clear understanding of what’s going on.

    Keep up the good work of using your brilliance and skills to benefit other people. 🙂

    P.S: I really hope your “witness protection programme” is top-notch; Dangote is coming for you! LOL

  2. read through the COREN report, and have the same conclusion as before which coren aptly pointed out; Cement strength is different from concrete strength. You work towards concrete strength requirement. If u need grade 45 N/mm2 strength concrete, then u need to apply the right cement grade to appropriate mix ratio of sand and granite.
    If the cement manufacturers decide to make only a 52 grade cement, local builders will just end up adding more sand to the mix (without knowing what grade of concrete being produced); and we’ll still end up with the same problems.
    There should be tests carried out that state the different concrete strengths that can be achieved using the different grades of cement at different cement:sand:granite mix ratio. Therse results should be published so artisans and construction engineers know what cement to apply to various building requirements.
    Hope the recommendations by COREN are adopted, though you’ll wonder why it also took them long to address the issue of concrete quality vs cement strength and increased building collapse.

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