Writing On Medium

I’ve been experimenting with writing on Medium and I have to say it’s been a sort of addictive experience.

My latest post is on the state of education in Nigeria with particular reference to the disturbing material that kids are given to read. The concluding paragraph:

A state of emergency or something close to it is required for education in Nigeria. But everyone seems to know this already. Perhaps the problem so overwhelms our leaders that they would rather not bother with something where the payoffs are far into the future.

So for now, the best you can do is to watch your children are reading and watching

Read the full thing here

I also wrote something on Uber and Capitalism in Lagos as well as something on how to bring down interest rates as a response to Governor El-Rufai’s recent statements.

Check them out if you have the time! And if you want to get into writing, try Medium as a platform.



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