Housekeeping: This Site Is Not For Sale

I realise I have been rude and should have told people who read my stuff here where to find my writing now.

I started experimenting with writing on Medium last year and got hooked on it. It’s much easier and pleasurable to write on.


Ideally, I should have just pointed this domain to the new medium page when I moved my old stuff but there was a small problem – you can’t move comments when you move from WordPress to Medium. I’ve received some really valuable comments here so there was only one option left. is now

All the old stuff has been transferred to the new location except, of course, the comments.

So if you’re a subscriber to this blog, you won’t get any more updates here. Bookmark the old page instead.

Perhaps this is all very presumptious of me and you don’t really care for what I write anyway. I apologise if that is the case 🙂