Manchester United fan.

MBA student.

Political junkie.

Lover of economics (without the graphs).

Free markets FTW.

Fiscal Conservative (low taxes, enterprise should be easy, no opinion on social issues).

Wannabe photographer.

Nigerian or not – depending on the level of frustration I feel with the state of the nation on any given day.

Rants on various issues mostly concerning Nigeria from the safety of London.


28 thoughts on “About

  1. I came to know this Blog via Kemi Martins on Facebook. Now, I have fallen head-over-heels with it…thoughts provoking

    My Best Write-Up: Exit, Voice And Loyalty: Aviation In Nigeria…Keep up the Good Work, Brother!

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  4. Wow! This is an eye-opener………see how they’ve turned everything into a gruel sight in this country because of politics!
    Nice writeup sir,keep it up.

  5. Your publication on ‘The Mekuno Revolution’ as very interesting. It signifies a change in our politics, where people will matter more than ever before. We would like to post a rejoinder to this publication and find that there are no links on your site to do this. Your audience have a right to alternative interpretations of ‘The Mekunu Revolution’. Please advise us on how to share our perspectives

  6. Someone needs to tell me why a blogger like FF was not nominated for the SMAA blogger of the year. I would have fared a lot better in Unilag if I had lecturers who could break-down theories and concepts like you do.

  7. Waooooooh!!! people that said info is key no dey lie at all. Just saw a link to ur site thru Jason’s blog. Thank u for xplanin economics in a beta way than bugIT. And pls, dont gt distracted, stick to politics and econs…leave entartainment and gossip to LIB et al. THank you so much!

  8. Broda Feyi! hi sir. where have u been? hope u’re good. anyways, pls will u cover WEF on ur blog. I would appreciate it if u can simplify, summarize and break it down for us. tanks a bunch…mwaah #nohomo

  9. Graphs are lovely and interesting…………. A professional colleague’s point of view. I heard your voice on a radio program. You’re a great guy.

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